NX X How do I show curves on jt files that are translated from NX?

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We translate both NX and Catia data to JT and use standalone Teamcenter 
Lifecycle Visualization to view the output JT files. We noticed that we don't 
see curves in the JT files when created from NX, but we do for the data 
created by Catia. 


Those curves or lines are what standalone Teamcenter Lifecycle Visualization 
calls Construction Geometry. If you load your JT file from Catia into 
standalone Teamcenter Lifecycle Visualization you will see the line. But if 
you then go to View > Preferences > Display Tab > click off Construction 
Geometry > Apply, that line disappears immediately.

The issue with NX is that when the JT was saved the Wireframe option wasn't 
on. So in NX if you use File > Export > JT > go to the Data To Export tab and 
check on Wireframe. But if you use the NX to JT translator via NX Manager or a 
command prompt then in your tessUG.config file make sure you have doWireframe 
set to true.

If you have the "Save JT Data" option on and use File > Save, in order to have 
the wireframe be included with your model you need to add it to a Reference 
Set. After you do that then your curves will be saved to the JT file with File 
> Save. This method doesn't look at the config option at all for wireframe. So 
place the curves into MODEL of whatever default reference set you are running 
and then save the part with JT turned on. 

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 2012
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V11.0.2
Function: NX_JT

Ref: 001-9224499

KB Article ID# PL8004666



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