NX "Keyword LIBRARY_MULTITOOL is required" is reported in the NX Log when attempting to start manufacturing.

NX for Manufacturing



The message "An error occurred while entering the application UG_APP_MANUFACTURING" may be reported when starting Manufacturing. It is also possible that the error "A keyword is missing. See Syslog for details" may also be reported.  These errors would have started occurring after upgrading to NX12.0.2.


These messages are displayed because a new tool type was added in NX12.0.2. The tool is named "Multitool". Usually the problem comes up when a shared CAM resource folder is not up to date. To resolve this a line would need to be added into every DAT file in the "MACH\resource\configuration" folder and also would require numerous files to be copied into the "\MACH\resource\library\tool" folder. The local NX12.0.2 installation would usually have all the updates and can be used to determine the correct setup.


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