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How to add a new FEM template ?


Any FEM can be added as template  subject to this need to be added in *.PAX file and can be called by setting UGII_TEMPLATE_DIR.


Please follow the steps below to create a sample FEM template.

1. Open NX and create a new FEM file and save it as mytemplate.fem ( For E.g)  in a directory D:\test (For E.g). Close NX session

2.Open any text editor and copy paste the the appended text . Save it as attached ugs_cae_templates.pax ( This is for E.g and having only one FEM template*) and saved it the same folder where you had saved fem file in step#1

3.Now set UGII_TEMPLATE_DIR =D:\test 

4.Open the NX session. you can confirm there will be tab called "custom_Simulation" and there is a template name "test" for fem like in the snapshot below.


*Please take a notethat ugs_cae_templates.pax is available inside NXinstallationdirectory/simulation/templates folder and do modify based on your requirement.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Palette xmlns="" schemaVersion="1.0">

  <Presentation name="Simulation Templates" bitmap="sheet_and_block.bmp" FileNewTab="Custom_Simulation" application="All" UsesMasterModel="No"/>

  <PaletteEntry id="d1">


    <Presentation name="TEST" description="TEST Fem">

      <PreviewImage type="UGPart" location="adv_fem_template_custom.jpg"/>


    <ObjectData class="CaeFemTemplate">










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