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The customer is trying to display the DisplayString attribute in the ANT column.
 The object_string of UGPART and the DisplayString attribute of NX are mapped.
 When creating UGPART with NX, specify the data set name in the dialog.
 At this time, since the saving operation is not done, UGPART does not exist in the database.
 The DisplayString attribute is NoValue because it can not get the object_string of UGPART.
 Instead of the DisplayString attribute, it is the value of the attribute set in AssemblyPreferences.
 The DisplayString attribute is not displayed in the NX attribute dialog. However, in the dialog, the object attribute of UGPART is displayed.
 Instead of the DisplayString attribute, it is the object attribute of UGPART.
 A problem occurs when Item.object_name is mapped to DisplayString of UGMASTER.
 It does not happen for Item.object_string.
 Behavior when UGPART is created varies depending on the mapping.
 1. In the case of Item.object_string, DisplayString becomes NoValue (This behavior is assumed to be correct.)
 2. For Item.object_name, DisplayString contains an unknown value
 In NX8, both mappings behave as one.
 Values displayed immediately after creating UGPART are acquired from different places in each version.
 It can be inferred that the cause of the difference in customer's environment is the same as above.
 Please tell me about the object attribute of UGPART temporarily occurring on NX 11 for perfect reproduction.
 Where do you get this attribute from?


1.            Object attribute for UGPart comes from object_name property on Dataset. This is coming from DisplayName Business Constant in BMIDE for UGPart.

2.            Before saving the UGPart in Teamcenter, it gets the value from object_name of the Item coming from the UGMaster. Because the attribute on UGPart is mapped as master=iman, before saving, there has to be some value given and the system gives it based on what it knows. 
After save, all discrepancies are resolved. 
Attribute framework has undergone a major overhaul toward making the product better and hence, there will be some changes that you will see.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V11.0.2

Ref: 001-8545874

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