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Where is the setting to control the Text Gap between the diameter symbol and the dimension text of a Radial Dimension using the Method type, Hole Callout?


The Text Gap value can be changed in the settings of the Radial Dimension dialog, if Method type is set to Diametral or Radial only ('Settings-->highlight 'Prefix/Suffix'-->Text Gap) in the main dialog. The Text Gap setting for the Hole Callout has to be changed in the Drafting Preferences or Drafting Standard. In NX12.0, it can be changed in the Settings of the Radial Dimension dialog.

Here is how to change it in the Drafting Preferences:
1. Select 'File-->Preferences-->Drafting Preferences'.
2. Expand 'Common' and highlight 'Prefix/Suffix'.
3. The 'Text Gap' can be changed in the Radial Dimension group.

The instructions above also apply to the Drafting Standard once the Customize Drafting Standard dialog has been opened.

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