Solid Edge How to change the font size in a Tolerance Table for a column in Solid Edge?




When creating a Tolerance Table in Solid Edge Draft, the table uses the Font Size for all cells that is defined in the Table Style. However, sometimes it is more convenient to have different font sizes in the table, e.g. for the Tolerances, because there are always two values in one cell, whilst for other cells there is only one item.


If you  double click on the Frame of the table, the table appears in orange, and now you are able to format each cell:

However even here one can see that the font size for the cell is inactive, whilst other properties such as  "Bold", "Underline" and "Font type" can be modified.

The solution is to click not onto the cell, but on the orange Frame cell above the Header in that column:
Now the font size for all cells in the column can be changed to the desired size as needed:

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Application: DRAFT
Version: V110.0
Function: TABLES

Ref: 001-9154764

KB Article ID# PL8004311



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