Solid Edge How to create an independent copy of a block?




The user has a complex block (e.g. Block1), which took some time to create.  Based on this block, the user wants to create a new block (e.g. Block2) that differs from the original one by a few minor changes. A Copy & Paste of the existing block created another occurrence of the original block. Because of the same name of source and target (both Block1) the differences could not be implemented. The user is looking for an alternative to the method via the command 'Unblock' followed by the creation of the new block.


  1. Select the original block (e.g. Block1) in the draft file
  2. Choose Home > Clipboard > Copy (or use the hot key Ctrl+c).
  3. Create a new draft document.
  4. Choose Home > Clipboard > Paste (or use the hot key Ctrl+v).
  5. Place the block in the drawing.
  6. Select the block in the Library of the active document.
  7. Choose the Rename command within the context menu of the selection.
  8. Rename the block (to e.g. Block2).
  9. Select the copied/renamed block within the drawing.
  10. Choose Home > Clipboard > Copy.
  11. Return to the draft file of the original block.
  12. Choose Home > Clipboard > Paste.
  13. Place the block (Block2) in the drawing.
  14. Edit the new block independently of the original block.
  15. Close (without saving) the draft document that was used to create/rename the target block.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Application: DRAFT
Version: V110.0
Function: BLOCKS

Ref: 001-9157222

KB Article ID# PL8004256



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