Simcenter 3D Solutions How to display max annotation over overflow limit ?

Simcenter 3D



- Display result with overflow (post view1)

- Post view settings\Legend:

Set a Color Bar Max value

Activate overflow on

- Display the Max annotation value

In SimCenter 12 the maximum annotation is below the overflow (it was not

filtered in Simcenter 11 and before, max value was above overflow)


If you need to display the max annotation value for all results (above

overflow limit):

- Select the same result and overlay to the display: It will create a post


- Edit the post view 2

- Display tab:

Deactivate the color Display and set Faces to "no Fill"

- Display the max annotation value

- Make post view 1 active to display the color bar of post view1

You will see in the same display the result with max annotation value under

and above overflow using the color bar of overflow.


KB Article ID# PL8004159



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