NX Change background color to white in Ray Traced Studio

NX System Administration



How to change the background color in Ray Traced Studio.


  1. In the Menu, select 'View-->Visualization-->Studio Task Environment'.
  2. In the Menu, select 'Edit-->Scene Editor'.
  3. Under the 'Background' tab, select the settings type from the drop-down to Plain.
  4. Click on the displayed color to open the color palette.
  5. Make the color selection.
  6. OK the color palette and Scene Editor dialog.
  7. Now enter the Ray Traced Studio to create your image.

Notes and References

To return back to original rendering style, MB3 in the graphics window and select the rendering style            from the drop-down 

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: V9.0.3
Function: GRAPHICS

Ref: 001-9148577

KB Article ID# PL8004144



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