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Why is the following pop-up message appearing and how can it be turned? 
Save CGM 
Parts containing sheets that are not visible will not have a CGM saved with them and existing CGMs will be deleted. 
In order to save a CGM the sheet must be displayed at the time of save. 
Do you want to continue? 
 - Don't display this message again 
<<Yes>> <<No>>> 


This message is displayed because it is reporting that since the drawing sheets are not displayed (most likely because you are in the Modeling application), the CGM data for these sheets cannot be saved internally to the part file. 
1. Select 'File-->Save-->Save Options'. 
 You have "Save Drawing CGM Data" turned ON. 
2. Since this option to save CGM data is turned ON, NX will warn that it cannot save the CGM data unless the sheets are visible. 

It sounds like this Save option is turned ON, and the drawing sheets in the file are not displayed, so NX is warning that the CGM data for these sheets will not be saved. 
Couple options... 
 - Turn OFF the save option "Save Drawing CGM Data". 
 - Select the box in the pop-up dialog "Don't display this message again". 
 - Switch back to the Drafting application and display the sheets so the CGM data can be saved. 

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Version: V11.0.2

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