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When post processing NC code, how can one get the name of the MCS object in use by any given operation? This is of interest when using a hierarchy of MCS parents, such as local work offset origins under a top level main MCS. 


Post builder has two variables for the name of the current MCS: 

  • "mom_main_mcs" returns the name of the 'main' MCS in use. 
    •  "mom_mcsname_attach_opr" returns the name of the MCS that is the immediate parent of any given operation.

      Note that "mom_mcsname_attach_opr" is an arary variable, and requires the name of an operation as an argument to look up the MCS name. For example: 


      will return the name of the MCS in use by the operation named PLANAR_MILL_SIDE.

      For example, a custom command in the Start of Path event could include tcl to plug the current operation name into the "mom_mcsname_attach_opr" variable and output the resulting information:


      global mom_mcsname_attach_opr 

      global mom_operation_name

      set current_csys $mom_mcsname_attach_opr($mom_operation_name) 

      MOM_output_literal "---- $current_csys" 



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