Solid Edge Control the axis of rotation for Drag Component in ERA




How can you control the axis of rotation for Drag Component in ERA? 


When working in ERA and trying to do a Drag Component to rotate a few parts, 
if your parts are not cylindrical or revolved, you may get the axes to appear 
off the center of rotation. The axes cannot be moved at this time, making the 
operation difficult.

A simple workaround can be performed by selecting a cylindrical or revolved 
part that is located where the axis of rotation is. Within the command, the 
axes for the rotation will appear at the geometric center of the first part 
selected, so if you first select a washer or a screw, you should get the axes 
where you want them. 
After you select your first part at the axis of rotation, just add all the 
other parts to the selection and accept. That should give you the correct axis 
of rotation. 
Be aware that you cannot remove the first part from the select set, so it will 
be rotated also.

This is a simple workaround to get around the shortcoming of moving or 
defining the axis of rotation for the Drag Component command within ERA. 

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V105MP2
Function: ERA

Ref: 001-9131459

KB Article ID# PL8004000



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