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Prevent Users From Setting the "Run Options" or the "Check-Mate Set Up Tests" 
in Check-Mate. 


If you do not want an end user to launch the Check-Mate Set Up Tests dialog so the 
end user cannot change the settings, here are some possible workarounds:

1. Define one NX Role that can only see the Check-Mate "Execute Current Tests" 
button, and hide Check-Mate "Set Up Tests" button.

2. Define a Site level NX Customer Default (UGII_SITE_USER=) for Check-Mate for 
the "part options", "Save part after checking", "Save Results to Teamcenter", 
and various "Smart Check" Options.

3. Define the system environment variable "UGII_CHECKMATE_DEFAULT_CHECKER=" 
where the value is the checker class names with the delimiter ','.  (Alternatively, you can 
configure a Validation Rule option as "Configure Required Checkers for Part 
Types" in site customer defaults with the defined validation rule).

Then the end user with that specific NX Role will only see "Execute Current 
Tests". When user clicks on the button, the specified checkers will be 
executed on the parts followed by the options defined in the site customer 

To control the 'run' options, especially the two save options "Save Part 
After Checking" and "Save Results to Teamcenter", actually the Validation Rule 
does satisfy the needs. 

4. Configure the Validation Rule option in the NX Customer defaults touse the 
option "Configure Required Checkers for Part Types", "Configure Only Results 
to be Saved", or "Configure Visibility of Checks and Results to be Saved" with a 
defined validation rule file.  (If the checkers in the rule file are marked as 
'mandated', the rule will require the checker results must be 'pass').  The 'fail' 
results from the checkers or the results of checkers not defined in the rule 
file will not be saved into the part, or if setup to do so, to Teamcenter. 
In this operations case, the end user does have the freedom to use the 'run' 
options, but the rule will prevent 'fail' results or unneeded results from 
being saved to a part or to Teamcenter. 

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