NX X How to tessellate an NX Assembly in batch ? (for producing JTs)

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How to tessellate an NX Assembly in batch ? (for producing JTs) 


The command to be used for the batch translation of an NX Assembly is "ugtopv".
Here a practical example :
 D:\plm\NX_12\pvtrans\ugtopv .\test.prt -generate_assy_jt 
But I must state, from my long experience at large Customers, that the Tessellation topic is not at all simple, and therefore not to be underestimated.   

Hence we invite you to take seriously in consideration the possibility to profit of the Consultancy offered by our well skilled Colleagues of Professional Service Dept., especially if the JTs have to be stored in a PDM System.

Alternatively you can read the Online Documentation, and in particular you can search for the words contained in the commandline  suggested above, or for other strings.

Here 2 Examples:


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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V12.0.1
Function: NX_JT

Ref: 001-8368794

KB Article ID# PL8003882



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