NX X PMI Text Font and Size not Inherited from Model on to 2D Drawing

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The text font and height applied to PMI annotation on the 3D model is not applied when the PMI is inherited on to the drawing. 


Use 'Inherit PMI Tracking' to inherit the text font and size (or any other properties), from the PMI on the model, to the drawing. ('Menu -> Format -> PMI -> Inherit PMI Tracking'). This allows the user to select the PMI properties to inherit.

Use the •'Find' field to search for particular properties, for example, enter 'font' into the 'Find' field and press 'Enter'. Put a check mark against the font properties to be inherited:

Select 'Apply'

Enter 'size' in the 'Find' field and press 'Enter'. Select the properties to inherit:

Select 'OK'.

If the PMI is already displayed on the drawing then it is necessary to inherit again in to the Drawing View, via 'View - Settings', and by setting the 'Common -> PMI -> Inherited PMI' option to 'None' and selecting 'Apply', then set 'Inherited PMI' back to its previous value and select 'OK'. The character font and size will then be applied to the PMI on the drawing.

Note: The 'Inherit PMI Tracking' settings are specific to each drawing.

To make the Inherit PMI Tracking settings the same for all new drawings these properties need to be set in the drawing templates. 

To inherit particular properties from the PMI annotation by default, edit the '...\UGII\pmi\property\inherit.xml' file (within the NX installation) and set the required properties operation to 'track' (rather than 'none'). For example:

<Property name="DimensionTextCharacterSize">

For further information please refer to the NX Documentation article entitled 'Synchronizing PMI properties'. 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: PMI
Version: V11.0

Ref: 001-9116540

KB Article ID# PL8003868



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