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The drawing sheet is not going out of date, when switching the arrangements in the drawing.

Created Drafting file having Arrangement 1 and 2.
In Arrangement 2, suppress the one component available in the Assembly Navigator.
Now go to Modeling module, then switch the Arrangement to "Arrangement 2" & check the updates in the Assembly Navigator. In the Assembly Navigator, it's updated that the component is getting suppressed when the Arrangement is set to "Arrangement 2".
Now Go to Drafting module, and switch the Arrangement to "Arrangement 2".
Check the status of the drawing. The drawings are not getting "Out of Date", even though the Arrangements are switched,but the Component found suppressed in the Assembly Navigator.


Changing the arrangement in the assembly part will not affect the views because view maintains the arrangement with itself, changing arrangement on the assembly does not mean that we are changing the arrangement on the view automatically. 
Its working as Design

Arrangement1 - Nothing is suppressed.
Arrangement2 - Component is suppressed.
Here the drafting view is created with Arrangement1. 
When the arrangement is changed on the assembly-part from Arrangement1 to 
Arrangement2, it will not change the arrangement of the view automatically. If user launch the edit view dialog (MB3-> Edit), it will still point to Arrangement1 where component is not made suppressed. 
This is exactly similar case where a new view is getting created with Arrangement1, when assembly-part is having Arrangement2 active. 
So when view is placed with Arrangement1, it will display the content (as per Arrangement1) of the view instead of showing it blank (as in Arrangement2). 
To see the suppress behavior, need to change the arrangement of the view to 

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