Simcenter 3D Solutions Get material attribute warning in later NX11.0.2 MPs, though material is assigned

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When a NX part file is opened an Information window occur with the following statement:

"The Material Attribute was reset because it did not match the material assignment. This action was taken based on your Customer Default setting."

The part material attribute "Material" is set to "ALUMINUM" and the material assigned to the solid body is "Aluminum", so why do I receive this message?


As of NX11.0.2 MP5 and NX12.0.1 the actual usage of upper/lower case in material attribute vs. material assignment is also considered, i.e. "ALUMINUM" and "Aluminum" are no longer considdered to be the same.

In your specific case this renders in the material attribute being considered to be incorrect and is changed to the assigned material when the part file is opened.

As a workaround the Information window with its message can be supressed by setting the variable UGII_SHOW_MISMATCHED_MATERIAL_ATTRIBUTES_IN_INFO_WINDOW=1

Setting the variable however have its limitations as it also mask away the message in cases where the "Material" attribute have been assigned a value manually, without assigning a material to the solid body.

When the variable is set the message will still occur in the NX log file.


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