NX Content for some Learning Advantage courses appear to be unavailable

NX System Administration



In Learning Advantage, there appears to be a broken link or missing content for the NX 12 "NX user interface" tutorials.

NX 12.0 
    > NX user interface 
       > Tour the NX user interface (video) 
       > Finding commands (video) 
       > Work at the cursor location with shortcuts (video)


Here is a Learning Advantage support article that addresses the issue.

Course content does not load or is formatted incorrectly

In some courses, users may have problems either loading content or displaying 
items such as multimedia simulations and videos. For example, some Flash-based 
software simulations that are embedded within activities may appear too small. 
Or you may attempt to open a course and the page opens but continues to show a 
message "Loading View...".

Turn on Compatibility View

It is recommended to display your Learning Advantage courses in Compatibility 
View when using Internet Explorer.  Use the option for Compatibility View 
Settings and add siemens.com as a site to be displayed in Compatibility View.

Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Compatibility View Settings --> Add this
website --> Enter siemens.com --> Click on the Add button
Check the box "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View"

Restart your browser session and try to load the course content again from 
your Learning Advantage account to correct the problem.

Notes and References

The Learning Advantage support article above including other articles for common support issues can be found from your Learning Advantage account home page (after login) by selecting Support --> Common support issues.

For example:
Recovering / Changing Your Password
E-mail Notifications Are Missing
Reports / Certificates Not Displaying
Course Content Does Not Load
"Authorization Required" Errors

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V12.0

Ref: 001-9105486

KB Article ID# PL8003732



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