NX Reporting the Maximum and Minimum X,Y and Z Moves in Post Builder Output

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How can the maximum and minimum X,Y and Z moves be reported when generating an NC-code program from a Post Builder post?


1. In Post Builder go to 'Program & Tool Path -> Custom Command -> Import -> pb_cmd_check_travel_limits.tcl -> Open -> OK' to import the command.

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2. Create a proceedure named PB_CMD_before_motion and add the PB_CMD_check_travel_limits command.

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3. Add a Custom Command to the End of Program event.

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4. Add the following TCL code to the Custom Command.

global mom_sys_max_travel 

global mom_sys_min_travel 

global mom_sys_control_out 

global mom_sys_control_in

set co $mom_sys_control_out 

set ci $mom_sys_control_in

MOM_output_literal "$co\MAX X [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_max_travel(0)]$ci" 

MOM_output_literal "$co\MAX Y [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_max_travel(1)]$ci" 

MOM_output_literal "$co\MAX Z [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_max_travel(2)]$ci"

MOM_output_literal "$co\MIN X [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_min_travel(0)]$ci"

MOM_output_literal "$co\MIN Y [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_min_travel(1)]$ci"

MOM_output_literal "$co\MIN Z [format "%-6.4f" $mom_sys_min_travel(2)]$ci"

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5.  The maximum and minimum values will be output at the end of the program when posted.

(MAX X 401.5000)
(MAX Y 304.5000)
(MAX Z 125.0000)
(MIN X -28.3738)
(MIN Y -4.0476)
(MIN Z 26.0000)

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