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Do not see the option for "Convert to New Display Instance" in the Display options for PMI instance.


If a PMI instance resides in 2 model views, right clicking on one of the PMI instances --> Display, the Convert to New Display Instance" display option will be available. 
Using the display option "In views" and selecting an additional view to display the PMI instance it will Copy" that PMI instance to the selected view, BUT it will be the same PMI object. Meaning that if you change the 
text or color it will change in both model views.. 
If you need to break them into separate PMI instances, select the PMI object and MB3 --> Display --> Convert to New Display Instance". This will change that PMI instance to a NEW instance, as if it were a newly created PMI instance and break the relation between the other PMI instances. 

Note that it will only convert that selected PMI instance, if there's more than 2 instances, you have to convert each one if needed.

When using Copy/Paste on PMI instance to a model view it creates a NEW PMI instance with no relation to the original.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: XP64_SP2
Product: NX
Application: PMI
Version: V12.0.1

Ref: 001-9094543

KB Article ID# PL8003646



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