NX Configuring a Simulation Machine Kit to Accept Diameter X Axis Posted Output

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A turning simulation kit needs to be configured to use diameter instead of radius output. In this case all the X axis values will be doubled. How is this functionality turned on in the Machine Kit? The picture below shows the machine simulating in radius output mode.


  1. Configure the post to output the X axis motion as diameter output. This can be done by checking the Machine Tool -> General Parameters -> Diameter Programming -> 2X option.

  2. A G10.9 X1 G-code command needs to be specified so that the CSE interprets the the X motion correctly. If the actual NC machine displays an alarm when this command is added to the posted output than the G10.9 X1 command can be added to the -Main.ini file instead. This file is located in the machine kit cse_driver folder.

  3. When the simulation machine reads this command from the INI file it will not be output in the NC code. The posted output will look like the picture below when simulated.

  4. Notes

     The G10.9 X0 command turns on radius mode while the G10.9 X1 command turns on diameter motion.

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