NX Everytime NX is started a Advanced Assemblies license is checked out

NX System Administration



Everytime a particular user starts NX an Advanced Assemblies license is
checked out. (License token "adv_assembies", "MA_adv_assembies")
What cause this to happen?


If a user have enabled "Show Component Groups" in the Assembly Navigator, (MB3
-> Show Component Groups on the column header in the Assembly Navigator), this
will cause the Advanced Assemblies license to be checked out. And as the
Assembly Navigator setting for "Show Component Groups" is stored in the
Windows registry, once set it will always be set.

If you, as a system manager, want to ensure that this never happens you make a
NX customer default site level setting and lock it.
In NX customer defaults under Assemblies -> General, Miscellaneous tab,
disable the parameter "Restore Show Component Groups Setting"

As the tooltip in customer defaults state:
This option determines whether or not an attempt to restore the state of the
Show Component Groups check box in the Assembly Navigator will be made on NX
Startup. The attempt will be successfull if all the following conditions are

1. Checkbox is turned ON (in customer defaults).
2. The Show Component Groups checkbox was turned ON when last exiting NX.
3. An Advanced Assemblies license is available.

All 3 conditions must occur for "Show Component Groups" to be enabled and
Advanced Assemblies license to be checked out when NX is started.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: PLATFORMS
Version: V10.0.3
Function: FLEXLM

Ref: 001-9089104

KB Article ID# PL8003597



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