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When renaming a feature, the new name of the feature, plus the original name of the feature, will both display in the Part Navigator. How can just the new/custom name of the feature be displayed?

For example:
  • Original Feature Name displayed in the Part Navigator:  Block(0)
  • Feature is renamed to "Main Feature".
  • Now the feature displays in the Part Navigator as:  Block (0) "Main Feature"
How can this feature be displayed only as "Main Feature"?


  1. In the Part Navigator, select the feature, 'MouseButton3 (MB3)-->Rename'. 
  2. Enter a new name for the feature:  Main Feature
  3. In the Part Navigator, hover the cursor over the 'Name' column header, 'MB3-->Properties'.
  4. Select the 'General' tab.
  5. Toggle the 'Name Display' to 'User Replaces System'.
  6. OK the Part Navigator Properties dialog.
Now only the new custom name of the feature will be displayed:  "Main Feature". 

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 2003_SP2
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V8.5.3

Ref: 001-9088928

KB Article ID# PL8003580



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