NX X Purpose and correct usage of Secondary Number on Drawing Sheet names.

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What's the purpose of the Secondary Number on drawing sheet names?


NX drawing sheets have the ability to specify an Initial and a Secondary sheet number designation. These allow an additional level of distinction when naming drawing sheets.

The Primary number could be numeric or alphabetic. If the primary number is numeric, the secondary number is alphabetic or vice versa. This facilitates users to define sheet numbers like A1 or 1A. 

By default the Initial Primary number's value is 1.The default value of the initial primary number can be changed through Customer Defaults  via (Customer Defaults--> Customize Drafting Standard--> Drawing Format --> Sheet--> Name and Number tab). The Secondary number is optional. This value is not reflected in the Insert sheet dialog, but user can add it if needed via and Edit sheet operation.

Where to specify the Sheet Revision? 
Each individual drawing sheet have the current revision (by default revision begins with 'A' or '1') of that sheet. The sheet revision is managed manually (by selecting the sheet from the part navigator, MB3--> Edit Sheet‰) by the user. The Sheet Revision can be either alphabetic or numeric.

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Platform: INTL64
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OS Version: 764
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING

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