NX Outputting Tracking Point Data from a Step Drill when Simulating

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A Step Drill is used in a drilling operation. This type of tool can have a different length offset D address for each step on the drill. Though the D register number is output in the post the actual length that this D address represents must be transferred either directly or through a file to the CSE so that the simulation can display the tool motion correctly. Each Step Drill tool can have up to 9 of these D words. How can these be setup so that the simulation machine can read them when simulating?


The NC D word output is based on the Tracking Point that is set in the tool. For example the Adjust Register entered for the SYS_CL_TOP is the number 3 and will end up in the NC output as D3 with a distance of 22.5 .

If the NC Controller is a Sinumerik than the values for the D word will be passed to the simulation machine through the ini file. This can be seen in the Sinumerik posts supplied with NX .  It is also possible to transfer this data from NX directly. To do so it is necessary to change the global variable GV_bUseSetToolCorrection in the CSEInitializeChannel method to TRUE .


See NX Help -> Manufacturing (CAM) -> Hole Machining -> Using tracking points in drilling operations -> Add tracking point selection options to drilling operations for additional information.

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