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Any custom BoM line attribute can be synched to NX. Customer has created a custom attribute "E4L Remarks" which is deployed through BMIDE. This value gets generated in Structure manager when ECAD data imported in TC to build the Wiring harness BoM. Whether this custom attribute can be synched to NX? 


1. Create the New Note type in BMIDE


2. Save and Deploy


3. Add the name of your occurrence note to the 'PS_structure_change_condition=' preference in Teamcenter.


4. Add custom note type Tc Preference: 


    PS_structure_change_condtion =



5. Set the environment variable:




Test this by performing the following steps (complete all 5 steps above before adding any notes):


1. Create an assembly in NX and manually create an attribute MY_MATERIAL as a part attribute and gave it a value and save the assembly.  When displaying the MY_MATERIAL note as a column in the PSE, the value is mapped (to allow ItemRev properties to display as columns in the PSE/Structure Manager you will need to add the ItemRevision object to the global constraint BOMLineRevConfiguredProperties).


NOTE:  When adding a custom ItemRevision class to the BOMLineRevConfiguredProperties in BMIDE consider adding the property(s) to the ItemRevision class instead.  This will eliminate redundancies in the BOMLine properties and reduce the number of entries.  It might be easier to control the display of the properties in Teamcenter using XMLRenderingStylesheets then having to add 4 columns in the Structure Manager for 4 custom Item Revs with the same property defined.


2. Take a previously saved assembly which did not yet have MY_MATERIAL attributes created in the NX parts.  Add a value to the MY_MATERIAL note in the PSE and save the PSE.  When assembly is opened in NX, select the component in the ANT and right-click -> Properties -> Attributes, the MY_MATERIAL attribute is created and the value mapped from Tc to NX.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V11.0.2

Ref: 001-9062866

KB Article ID# PL8003476



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