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How does the inheritance work when using the 'Copying CAM Objects from a Component' function?

For example, if there is a top level WORKPIECE parent that holds the overall Part body, and an auto Blank defined as a 'bounding cylinder' or 'bounding block,' the sub-workpieces are inconsistent with how 

they inherit Part and Blank. 

Each sub-workpiece is inheriting the Part definition from the CAM component used to create that machining feature, not from the top WORKPIECE parent. The sub-workpieces do inherit the setting of 'bounding cylinder' from the parent, but not the actual cylinder created. This means that the actual Part body is not being used, and the bounding cylinder is resized and relocated to suit that little CAM component Part body. How should this work?


This is as designed. Auto Blank does not work well in this case because the part geometry in the sub-workpieces is still coming from the component that has the CAM content. NX will build the auto Blank with the part geometry that the operations are working on. 

This process will also not allow inheritance of additional part geometry other than the one from the component that has the CAM content. This is why the sub-workpieces do not inherit the overall Part body from the top WORKPIECE.

In order to get a true 3D verify, or a resulting IPW from a program like this, it is necessary to use a different (global) Blank which envelops all part geometry. An actual modeled Blank must be created and picked using the 'geometry' option for Blank in the top WORKPIECE parent.


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