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How do you get coordinate dimension text to place perpendicular to the measurement axis? 


You are placing coordinate dimensions but the dimension text is always 
horizontal on both vertical and horizontal dimensions. This is the default 
behavior when using the ANSI dimension style. 
If you want the text of the dimensions to be horizontal when measuring 
vertical distances (already is) and the text of the dimensions to be vertical 
when measuring horizontal distances (is horizontal instead), you need to 
change the Coordinate dimensions text orientation in the ANSI dimension style.

To do that follow these steps: 
1- Find out which dimension style you are using to place dimensions, for 
example ANSI 
2- Go to the View Tab 
3- Select the Styles command 
4- On the dialog box that appears, select "Dimension" in the "Style Type" box 
5- Select ANSI in the "Styles" box 
6- Click on Modify to edit the style 
7- On the dialog box that appears, go to the "Lines and Coordinate" tab 
8- On the "Coordinate" section, Change the "Orientation" field to 
"Perpendicular" so that the text is always perpendicular to the direction 
being measured. 
9- Click OK and then Close. Your dimensions text should now be oriented 

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Application: DRAFT
Version: V108MP4

Ref: 001-9074080

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