NX X Correlating the Settings on the NX10 STL Export Menu to the NX11 Menu.

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In NX11 the Export STL menu was changed. How do these changes correlate to the NX10 menu?


The NX10 STL menu looked like this:

The NX11 STL now looks like this:

1. The NX9 Triangle Tolerance and the NX11 Chordal Tolerance is the same setting. The name changed but the function is the same.
2. The Adjacency Tolerance only applies to Sheet Bodies both in NX9 and NX11. If outputting a solid model this option is not used. If Sheet Bodies need to be converted to STL it is best to sew these together into a Solid from the NX Design module.
3. The Angular Tolerance is a new setting to help create an improved STL when the model has more curvature. For a highly accuracy STL it is best to reduce the Chordal Tolerance first leaving the Angular Tolerance at the default. The value can be adjusted if cylinders appear faceted. This value was previously 
hardcoded in at 18. Leaving it at the default will keep the output as it was in NX9.

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Platform: all
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Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V11.0.2

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