Simcenter 3D Solutions Failed to connect to Excel Event.

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When we try to send results from SimCenter to Excel.

The connection between SimCenter (NX) and Excel was lost.

The following message appear: "Failed to connect to Excel Event".


- Start Excel

- File/Options/Add-in

- Check if « ug » exist and point on ...NX12\UGII\ug.xla

- If this line exist and the connection between NX and Excel does not work

- Click on Manage "Excel Add-ins" Go...

- Unactivate "ug"

- Restart Excel

- Check File/Options/Add-in

- The "Ug" line must not be present.

- Close Excel Session

- Start NX12

- Call Excel from NX ( by example use identify result/ list selection in


- Excel start and is populated by the NX results

- Excel options\Add-ins get the "Ug" line back with the right path.


KB Article ID# PL8003313



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