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When NX generates a new FEM and SIM file from a CAD part, the names of the FEM

and SIM will have an _fem and _sim as part of the filename. Is there a way to

turn _fem and _sim off so the filenames of the fem and sim are the same as the

CAD part name?


Currently, NX works like the following:

CAD Name: model5.prt

Fem Name: model5_fem5.fem

Sim Name: model5_sim5.fem

New behavior:

CAD Name: model5.prt

Fem Name: model5.fem

Sim Name: model5.fem

Is this option possible in NX or Simcenter?


NX will not allow part names to be the same with only the extension being

different. This is a general NX limitation.


KB Article ID# PL8003270



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