NX X Using Deviation Gauge to generate a distance measurement from points to a face

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How to use the Deviation Gage function to generate a report for the distance between multiple points and a face.


The Deviation Gauge command can perform distance checking between multiple points to a face.   
  1. Create an Analysis Object in the Part Navigator.
    In the Menus, select 'Analysis-->Deviation-->Gauge'. 
  2. Highlight 'Select Reference Object' and select any number of points.
    NOTE: To select multiple points, use rectangle selection with the Type Filter set to 'Point'. Or select a Group of points. 
  3. Highlight 'Select Object' and select the face to measure the distance.
  4. If needed, define the Measurement Definition.
  5. OK the Deviation Gauge dialog.
  6. The Deviation Gauge command will create an 'Analysis' folder in the Part Navigator.
To create a Deviation Checking Report and send it to an Information Window:
  1. Select 'Menu-->Information-->Object'.
  2. Select the Analysis Object in the folder in the Part Navigator.
  3. This will then populate the Information Window with the point data and distance to the face(s).

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
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Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V9.0.3

Ref: 001-8927043

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