Tecnomatix Is it possible to update .psz-tc file back into Teamcenter ?

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User want to save the .psz-tc file from the PSonTC (Connected to TC) , perform the simulation activities on the PSonTC standalone environment & then open this .psz-tc file PSonTC (Connected to TC) to update to Teamcenter.
Is it possible to update .psz-tc file back into Teamcenter ?


The Tecnomatix version used in this case was V13.0.1 and the facility to save and update the .psz-tc into Teamcenter is started from PSonTC V13.1.2.
User may refer the release notes OR what's new documentation for Tecnomatix V13.1.2 for details.
The solution would be to upgrade to the version which supports this facility i.e. V13.1.2 onwards.

Below are the details from Release Notes :
Process Simulate on Teamcenter (connected) users, such as OEMs, now can receive time-based
(e.g., weld spot / continuous MFG workflow) study data from a Process Simulate on Teamcenter
Standalone machine (in a .psz-tc file), where the data was edited and enriched with new
continuous operations, and robotic path planning and simulation. 
Once the offline study is saved back in Process Simulate on Teamcenter (connected), that data can be updated back to the Teamcenter server by using the Update Teamcenter command.

Following enhancements are added to facilitate the workflow :

• New command to Open standalone study within connected Process Simulate 
• Update Teamcenter with the loaded study
• Save / Work Offline / Update Back for
   - Discrete MFG data
   - Continuous MFG data (without offline creation of continuous MFGs)
   - Human data

Limitations: standalone studies cannot be updated with Teamcenter data 


Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Version: V13.0.1

Ref: 001-8541670

KB Article ID# PL8003211



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