Tecnomatix Process Simulate is crashing while working on large size data

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User was trying to simulate assembly line in standard mode using Process Simulate Standalone V14.0.
In the study there were many machines with the kinematics, all operations (robotic, human etc) are defined for the various resources.

Following things are noticed during simulation :
1. If we set single machine operation as a current operation simulation works fine
2. If we set entire assembly line as a current operation some time simulation works and rest of the time Process Simulate crashes.

What is the reason of this performance issue  and is the PS crashing due to graphics problem (Note: we have Intel I7 processor, 32GB ram, 4GB graphic card) ?
Is there any limitation of data size ?


In general we don't have any recommendation of data size. 
PS is supposed to handle any data size and the performance depends on:

1. Hardware (amount of RAM, speed of CPU)
2. Graphic card
3. Performance settings

Regarding the 3rd option to improve performance :
a) You can try with different values under Tools -> Options -> Performance Tab
Set "Level of Details" wherin you may choose between Quality/Speed.

b) The most effective performance setting is size culling ('Cull parts with less than 0.015%')

c) "Decrease the level of details while changing view point " is also effective, assuming that the JT data contains multiple level of details

This should help to improve the performance.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V14.0

Ref: 001-9029219

KB Article ID# PL8003209



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