NX X "The units of the part and templates do not match" error when creating new item in NX

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The error message "The units of the part and templates do not match" is displayed when creating 
a new item in NX when running with Teamcenter. 


This could be a correct error message indicating  the units specified in the pax file for the templates does not match those of the part file stored in Teamcenter.
This same error message can also be incorrectly displayed if the template part stored in Teamcenter has been saved in a later version of NX compared to the version  currently being used. 
The exact cause of the error can be confirmed by opening the NX log file and looking for a message 
similar to "Part file is from NX12 or later" 

Notes and References

PR 9051632 has been created to track this software fault.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V12.0
Function: FILE_NEW

Ref: 001-9051632

KB Article ID# PL8003202



Associated Components

Teamcenter Integration for NX