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How do I Engrave Text on surface?


Use Contour Text. 

Contour Text

Use the Contour Text  operation or the Fixed Contour drive method Text to engrave drafting text, such as part numbers and mold cavity ID numbers, directly on a contoured surface. The operation is fully associative to the drafting text. Simply regenerate the operation to update the tool path. The tool path for the operation: Has one pass. Follows the font strokes of the drafting text object. Has a tool position of On .

Text engraving on a contour

Result Note: All the relevant drive parameters are available on the operation's top level dialog box. To cut below the part surface, either enter a negative value for Part Stock , or enter a positive value for Text Depth and enter 0 for Part Stock . You can find Text Depth on the operation's main dialog box, or on the Cutting Parameters dialog box. For Contour Text , you should use a ball mill. Do not enter a text depth greater than the radius of the ball. In surface contouring, tool paths are not reliable if the negative floor stock ( Part Stock - Text Depth ) exceeds the lower radius of the tool. The software provides you with a warning of this situation. Where do I find it? Application  | Manufacturing

Prerequisite  | Drafting text must be created.

Command Finder  | Create Operation

Location in dialog box  | [valid operation Type option]→CONTOUR_TEXT


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