Simcenter 3D Solutions Has Curved Polygon Face And Using Command From Polygon Face But Surface Is Flat.

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A Customer is running NX12, using Pre/Post and doing possibly SOL 101.  On a curved polygon face he executes the command From Polygon Face as follows:

However the resulting surface is flat.  He asks for an explanation.


This is working as designed.   The design doesn't take into account interior points on the face.  It only uses the boundary.  So, in the dialog here, we assume the user selected Surface.  That means the boundary of the polygon face is used to create a face (using N sided surface) in the part (.prt) file.  If you choose Boundary, then only the face edges will be used to create curves in the part file. 


In version 12, we have a new command that will generate a convergent body from a polygon body.  That command is Convergent Body from Body located in the Polygon Geometry group of the Home tab while in a .FEM file.  Here's the What's New article from the online help for the new command. <> 


Reference: IR 9043395

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