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Set Runtime Events (Conditions) in the Validation Rule Editor for the purpose 
of creating an NX Check-Mate Rule File and Teamcenter workflows. 


The runtime event is handled by Teamcenter workflow, and is not configured in 
NX or Check-Mate. 

The usage of the •runtime event– in workflow is described in the workflow 
handler, for example: VAL-check-validation-result-with-rules, 

A value that is used to select validation rules from the rule file by 
comparing with the event values list of each rule.  When -current_event is not 
provided, all rules from the rule file are selected at the first step.  When a 
rule is defined without the event values list, the rule is also selected at 
the first step.  The event values list can contain a wildcard (* only).  The 
event values list also can be marked as exclusive (inclusive by default).

The Teamcenter workflow handler is checking for the right results at the right 
time which needs to be defined in the runtime event name in the workflow 
handler parameters "-current_event", which matches the runtime events defined 
in the validation rules - in this way, the workflow handler will enforce the 
runtime event related checker results that are •included– or •excluded–. 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Product: NX
Application: KDA
Version: V10.0.3

Ref: 001-9038957

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