Solid Edge How do you make the last used command stay on top on the user interface?




How do you make the last used command stay on top on the user interface? 


An option exists to keep the last used command on a button that contains a 
droplist with multiple commands. For example Rectangle by Center has a few 
other commands on its droplist. By default, Rectangle by Center will always be 
the command showing on top even when another command on the droplist is 
executed, for example Polygon by Center. 
The option is located in Solid Edge Options> Helpers tab> Command Buttons 
section, "Last used command (in droplists) stays on top". Selecting this option will
change this behavior and make the last command used become the one
showing on the top button. 

So if the option is turned on and Polygon by Center is executed, it will 
become the command showing on the button, instead of Rectangle by Center.

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Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Application: APPLICATION
Version: V109MP10
Function: UI

Ref: 001-9041278

KB Article ID# PL8003074



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