Simcenter 3D Solutions How to check energy transfered to the Fluid ambiant ?

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Customer define a thermal Heat Load to a Fluid domain (100W)

The fluid is in contact with the structuture.

Structure convect to ambiant fluid (air 20°C).

How to check energy transfered to the Ambiant Fluid? (100W)


+ Create a group with element free faces of the structure in contact with

ambiant fluid (gp1)

+ Create a Simulation Object type « Report Between Regions »

+ Primary Region :

select group gp1 (the gp created step before)

+ Secondary Region Override: Fluid Ambient

+ Thermal data: Heat flow

+ Solve

+ Open the Html report generated

« Linear Thermal Coupling » is the energy transfered to ambiant fluid=100W

this is the same value as input head load.

We can also check the NX Thermal log file:

begining of the file: « Thermal Boundary Condition »

input heat load of 100W

1 - Thermal Load(1) Heat Load 1.000E+08 mN-mm/s


At the end of the file we can find Summary for thermal elements:

Heat flow into sinks = 1.000E+08

Heat Flow+Load Summary Into Different Sink Entities:

Sink Entity Temperature Heat Energy absorbed

Fluid ambient group 2.000E+01 1.000E+08 0.000E+00


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