Siemens PLM Licensing Are there any conflicts with having both floating and sticky licenses of Adv Assemblies?

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The Advanced Assemblies module can be purchased as an individual floating license ((UG10815 - NX Advanced Assemblies) or as a sticky license (NXS10815 NX Advanced Assemblies - S).  If both versions of the Advanced Assemblies module are in a license file, would there be a conflict?

What is the checkout behavior for Sticky Modules?


There would be no conflict if both the floating and sticky versions of an Advanced Assemblies license module are on a license file.  However if this is the case, there is no way to control if you get the sticky Advanced Assemblies or the regular floating Advanced Assemblies license since this is determined by first come first served availability.

The order in which license modules are looked for and checked out is as follows:

   1.  Bundles you have selected

   2.  If any license is checked out of a bundle and the module can be a Sticky module, we look for Sticky

   3.  Floating license

Notes and References

(1) For an explanation of Sticky Modules, refer to the following Solution Center article:

     [001-7572943] What are 'Sticky Modules' and how do they work with bundles?

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