Simcenter 3D Solutions Copying curves in the Finite Element Model (FEM)

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If it is desired to copy a curve in the FEM, the following workaround is available. 


If it is desired to create copies of existing curves in the FEM, the only way to accomplish this is to use the 

Edit --> Move Object function.  It can be accessed in the Ribbon Style toolbars by selecting the Tools tab/Utilities group, or from the menu -> Edit the dropdown list.  

Once the dialog displays, select the desired curves and set the transform type to Delta XYZ . Set the XC, YC, and ZC fields to 0.0 if needed. Set the Copy Original radio button and key in the number of non-associative copies to be created.  

Select OK to complete the task. 

Other transform options can be used other than Delta XYZ but this option is the least number of clicks in the dialog.


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