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When generating an Automatic 3D Swept Mesh or Manual 3D Swept Mesh, the 

inherited material assigned to the polygon body does not get assigned to the 

physical property or mesh and NX reports an error that the mesh is missing an 

assigned material. How can this issue be resolved?


A 3D Swept Mesh generated using the Automatic or Manual Between option will 

not support the inherited material option. The idea of a "sweep between" mesh is 

to generate a swept mesh between bodies, such as the glue that connects two 

solids in a thin layer. The inherited material for the "sweep between" mesh is 

neither the material from the first body nor the second body.

If you would like the inherited material option to work with a 3D Swept Mesh, 

please consider using the Multi-Body Infer Target or Until Target mesh types. 

These 3D Swept Mesh Types will only allow face selection from a single polygon 

body, thus there are no possible inherited material conflicts.


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