Tecnomatix Quality Management DPV-SSRS-CCUATrigger SSRSUserame minimum access/authentication requirements

Dimensional Planning Validation CMM/DMIS



What are the minimum requirements on the SSRS/GRS server, Internet Information
Services, for the SSRSUsername found in the CCUATrigger application, under
Application Setting. Currently, customer is using the SQL Database service ID
and SQL Server Reporting Service service ID (which is the same ID).


You can define a role for the SSRS user defined within the CCUAWebservice
configuration as having similar user role properties as a BROWSER role along
with additional 'Manage Resources' ( might also need 'Manage Folders' )
( This user basically
- Creates and modifies the DelayTriggerRoutines.xml
- Reads the hierarchy.xml
- Executes the SSRS reports )

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 2012_R2
Application: QUALITY
Version: V11.2.3
Function: DPV

Ref: 001-9016963

KB Article ID# PL8002943



Associated Components

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