Solid Edge How to place a hole table without a defined origin on the drawing?




In the previous versions of ST10 it was possible to place a hole table without a defined origin on the drawing by just skipping the "Origin Step" and direcly selecting the holes within the "Select Holes Step".

With the enhancements to the "Hole Table" command in ST10 (e. g. "Selection Method", "Select Features", "Add or Remove Holes Step"), it is no longer possible to skip the "Origin Step". It is now necessary to always define an origin on the drawing.


However it is possible to work around that situation and achieve the previously known result by the following steps.

  1. Select Home -> Tables -> Hole Table.
  2. Click the elements to define the origin.
  3. Select and accept the geometries for the hole table.
  4. Place the hole table on the drawing.
  5. Create a new layer (e. g. "defined hole table origins").
  6. Select the definitions (e. g. X1 and Y1) of the origin on the drawing.
  7. Move the elements to the previously created new layer.
  8. Activate another layer.
  9. Hide the layer with the origin definitions.

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