Simcenter 3D Solutions Using a 1D Constraint Equation Element for Post Processing

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How to create and activate a 1D Constraint Element in Simcenter Fem and Sim

when solving with NX Nastran?


A workflow to create a 1D Constraint Element in a Fem is the following:

1. Menu-Insert-Element-Create. Element Family-1D, Type-Constraint Equation,

Mesh Collector-Automatic, Select two points to connect and Close.

2. Menu-Edit-Element-Modify Associated Data, Type-Constraint Equation, select

the element to set the Independent and Dependent Coefficients, OK

Once the Constraint Equation elements have been created in the Fem, make the

Sim the Displayed Part. To add the constraint element to the active solution,

perform the following workflow:

1. Select Manual Coupling from the Constraint Types. Set the Type to Multi

MPC and select all the Constraint Equation elements. OK

2. A new Manual Coupling Constraint Set will be added to the Constraint

Container. Drag and drop the Manual Coupling Constraint Set into the active

solution. This will translate the Constraint Equation elements as MPC

Equations in the NX Nastran solution. This functionality is new in Simcenter



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