NX Cannot Delete Operations after Installing NX11

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NX was upgraded from NX10 to NX11.  The "resource" folder was then moved out of the NX11 installation folder onto a network drive and then the "UGII_CAM_RESOURCE_DIR" Environment Variable was set to read that folder.  An NX CAM program was opened and an attempt was made to delete an Operation.  An error message was displayed and the Operation could not be deleted. 


When the "resource" folder was moved to the network drive that folder was deleted from the installation folder.  The updated templates and library information come from the resource folder on the NX installation folder even though the "UGII_CAM_RESOURCE_DIR" Environment Variable is set.  Deleting this folder will lead to undesirable behavior.  The resource folder should not be deleted from the installation folder.


KB Article ID# PL8002846



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