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When running Solid Edge ST10 in a managed Teamcenter environment - for each MP delivered for Solid Edge ST10 a SEEC is also distributed.  This zip contains SEEC Feature Package 

The SEEC_Readme.htm states: 

"The SEEC Feature package for each supported Teamcenter release is delivered on the Solid Edge Data Management Applications disk. The folder containing the packages is SEEC Administrator. Use Teamcenter Environment Manager (TEM) to deploy the SEEC Feature package to a new Teamcenter environment. Note, the SEEC Feature package is also required for Teamcenter upgrades."

If you update, for example, MP1 to MP2 for Solid Edge ST10 on clients, are you then required, via Teamcenter Environment Manager (TEM) on the Teamcenter server, to deploy the SEEC Feature Package delivered with the MP2 package?

In general, do you need to do a TEM deploy for each SEEC feature package delivered for every MP you install on clients even if there are no Teamcenter upgrades involved?


SEEC administrator is still delivering the SEEC Feature package, so you need to use TEM to update this when you upgrade from ST9 to ST10.

There is a possibility that in future we will modify\add a preference that is bundled into the SEEC Feature package.  Should that happen within the ST10 lifecycle or later, accordingly we will add this information to the readme file.

Unless there are some changes made, like preferences, which then will be stated in the readme, there is no need to use the SEEC when applying client maintenance packs on clients. 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V110.0
Function: SEEC

Ref: 001-9012220

KB Article ID# PL8002845



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