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Using MouseButton3 in the text area of a custom command in Post Builder shows the option 'Use External Editor.'  What is required to implement this function? 


On the Windows platform, an external text editor can be used for editing custom commands via the environment variable "EDITOR". The external editor can be activated via MouseButton3 in the text window of a custom command. This functionality has been implemented since Post Builder v501.

  1. Create a system or user environment variable named:  EDITOR
    1. Assign its value as the full path to the desired text editor.
      To use Notepad, an example value would be:  C:\windows\notepad.exe
      To use Notepad++, an example value would be:   C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
      1. Restart Post Builder so the program is aware of the new environment variable.
        1. Edit a custom command and MouseButton3 in the text area.
          1. Choose the 'Use External Editor' option. 

            The specified editor will launch as a separate application and allow the desired editing. Closing the external editor will transfer its contents to the Post Builder dialog.

            When the external editor is used, the temporary file holding the current custom command is created in the current user's "TEMP" directory. The environment variable, "TEMP", should have been defined normally through the Windows Control Panel, and can be changed there if that location must be altered. The TEMP 

            environment variable can also be actively redefined in a startup (.bat) script used to launch Post Builder.

            For example: 

                 set TEMP=C:\editor_files


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