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Although it is possible to use tokens to use the Simcenter Motion Solver in 

NX/Simcenter 11.0.2, license errors can still occur depending on the updated 

status of the license. 


NX Motion Simulation was an independent product in previous versions of NX and Simcenter 11.0 - 11.0.1. The primary prerequisite was a design product that included a Gateway license and feature modeling functions. It would allow the customer to build the mechanism geometry and to use the RecurDyn solver to solve the animation or articulation analysis. The LMS Motion Solver was introduced in NX 10.0, and evolved into the Simcenter Motion Solver in NX/Simcenter (SC) v11.0, and into 11.0.1. Beginning in NX/SC 11.0.2, further integration of NX/SC Motion into Simcenter, with changes to the Motion product scheme. The retired NX Motion Simulation - RecurDyn product was replaced with NX Motion and the solver name, is listed in NX/SC Solver selection list as, NX Motion Solver. This product supplants the Recurdyn product and the solver contains the main functionality of the Simcenter Motion Solver.  The premier Simcenter Motion application is divided into two products,  Simcenter Motion Modeling and Simcenter Motion Solver.  Simcenter Motion Modeling allows the engineer to  create motion models that include mechanisms and flexible bodies, and  Simcenter Motion Solver provided the Solver engine to analyze the models currently created in NX Motion, as well as advanced models such as Flexible Bodies.  Note that Simcenter Motion Modeling and Simcenter Motion Solver must be combined to be able to completely build and solve a motion model from NX or Simcenter and it must be accompanied by one of the Simcenter Structures / Engineering Desktop or Add-On products.


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